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Steadicam Owner/Operator
Andy Nicholls

Freelance Producer, Director, Filmmaker, Camera Operator, Editor.

APN Tele-Video was formed in 1987 however our experience of film making and video production goes back for many more years. Our services include the hire of a freelance Steadicam operator and equipment, Hi-Definition video production, corporate promos and training films, broadcast TV and film productions. See the history page for further details of our previous experience and some of the past projects we have undertaken or watch our recent demo videos below. You can also view our picture gallery of Steadicam projects.
Our hire packages start with the superb Steadicam Pilot rig and operator, with or without HD camera, Steadicam Archer which is good for large ENG cameras, the Red One, Red Epic, Arri Alexa or film cameras up to the Arri SR3 16mm, we can also offer the Steadicam Clipper or Ultra 2 rigs for larger cameras all with a trained operator. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with a quotation.

Steadicam Gallery

Steadicam Gallery

An example of recent work undertaken:
Producer - Boomerang Festival, Hickstead, big screen coverage, 2015
Camera Operator/Editor - CharcoalBlue, Corporate, 2015
Producer/Director - Brighton Food and Drink Festival Promo, 2015
Producer/Director - Brighton Pride, 2015
Camera Operator, Britain's Greatest Generation, BBC2, 2015
Camera Operator/Editor - Philips, Corporate, 2015
Camera Operator - Berakah Project, 2015
Steadicam Operator - i360 Promo, 2015
DOP - International Chef Exchange, Latest TV, 2015
Producer/Editor, Entuity Training, Corporate, 2015
Camera Operator/Editor - Martin Audio, Corporate, 2015
Camera Operator - BBC Football League Show, 2015  

Producer/Director - Brighton Pride, Latest TV, 2014
DOP - International Chef Exchange, Latest TV, 2014
DOP - Bellman, Corporate, 2014
Camera Operator - Copper Consulting, Corporate, 2014
Camera Operator - 20-20 Cricket, 247.TV, 2014
Camera Operator - Brighton Marathon, CH4 Dream Team Television
Steadicam Operator - Feature Film, The Perfect Plan, 2014
Camera Operator - BBC Football League Show, 2014  
Producer/Director - QTube - Latest TV, 2014

DOP - International Chef Exchange, Latest TV 2013
Producer/Director - Brighton Pride, Pride TV 2013
Steadicam Operator - Film, Front, Red Epic, 2013
Producer/Director - QTube - Latest TV, 2013
DOP - Crafty Beggars, TV Pilot, 2013
Camera Operator - Queensbury TV, 2013
Camera Operator - Late Kick Off, BBC 1, 2013
DOP - Hilton Metropole TV commercial, 2013
Editor - Rockinghorse Charity, 2013
Director - Brighton Lights Studio Show, Latest TV, 2013
Steadicam Operator - Pfizer National Conference, Tapestry TV, 2013    
Camera Operator - BBC Football League Show, 2013  
DOP - Bang & Olufsen commercial, 2013
Director of Photography and Technical - Latest TV, 2013


 Camera Operator
 Steadicam Operator

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Steadicam Gallery

Camera Operator - MMA Cage Fighting, 2012
Camera Operator - International Chef Exchange, Maastricht, 2012
Director/Editor - The Vote Show, Latest TV, 2012
Camera Operator - Toyah TV Doc - Bryer Patch Productions, 2012.
Camera Operator - BBC Football League Show, 2012
Producer/Camera Operator - Ecoislands Global Summit - Noonan Media, 2012.
Camera Operator - BBC Newsround, 2012.
Producer/Director - Shakedown Festival with Dizzee Rascal, 2012
Producer/Director - Brighton Pride Show with Fatboy Slim, 2012
Producer/Director - Football Special, 2012
Producer/Director - LGBT Brighton, 2012
Producer/Director - Guy's End of the Pier Show, 2012.
Camera Operator - TV Pilot, Dir James Marcus Tucker, 2012.
Production Assistant - Short, Brighton, Dir Pierre Stefanos, 2012.
Producer/Director - Ju-Jitsu Training DVD, Jikishin, 2012.
Steadicam - Leeds Castle Broadcast EPK, Pixelfantastic, 2012.
Producer/Director - Latest TV, 2012.
Steadicam/Cameraman - MMA Cage Fighting, 2012
Cameraman - Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club, 2012.
Steadicam - Guy Does, Latest TV, 2012.
Steadicam - Sweet Sweet Lies, The Day I Change, 2012.                  
Steadicam, Arri Alexa - Short, The Bath House, 2012.
Cameraman, documentary, Monkeybrains Media, 2012.
Cameraman/Editor, Filthy Gigdog Promotions, 2012.

 Latest TV 

 Latest TV is now the
 Brighton and Hove City TV
 channel launched on
 channel 8 freeview in 2014.

 Andy Nicholls has been a
 member of the core team
 since its inception early in
 2010 and was instrumental
 in designing and building
 the studio and all things
 technical for the station.

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Steadicam Gallery

Cameraman - MMU Cage Fighting, Sky, 2011.
Steadicam - Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club, 2011.
Steadicam, Red One - Sweet Sweet Lies, No One Will Love You, 2011.
Director/Editor - Brighton Lights Pride 2011, Latest TV.
Steadicam, Sony F3 - Feature film, Respect. 2011.
AP/Editor - Guy Does, Latest TV, 2011 ongoing.
Producer/Director - Corporate Promo, Just Self Storage, 2011.
Steadicam - Corporate Promo, Iris Connect, 2011.
Steadicam - Short, Dark Roar, Black Rock Films, 2011.
Cameraman - Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club, 2011 ongoing.
Steadicam - Alice Gold, End of the World, Polydor Records, 2011.
Steadicam - Short, Mobius Dick, Virgin Media Shorts, 2011.
Producer/Director - Corporate Promo, DI&A Ltd. 2011.
Latest TV - Brighton Lights - weekly show, ongoing.
Writer/Director - Short, Straight Out, on festival circuit. 2011.
Steadicam Student Tutorials - Brighton Film School.
Steadicam - Short, Not to be - In Post Production, 2011.
Steadicam, 35mm - Beth, Screened at Cannes Film Festival 2011.
Steadicam - Mirrors, Into The Heart, Skint Records, 2011.


 Steadicam operator
 Steadicam Archer Rig
 (ENG, Red, Arri Alexa)

 Steadicam Pilot Rig
 (HD cameras, 5D, 7D)

 Panasonic HPX-371 P2 ENG
 BBC HD Approved
 Shooting kit

 Panasonic PX270 P2
 BBC HD Approved
 Shooting kit

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 Steadicam Demo Reel 

Steadicam - Short, Alice - In Post-Production, 2010.
Steadicam - Screen visuals Fatboy Slim tour, 2010.
Steadicam - ActionAid, distributed to over 8000 UK schools, 2010.
Steadiacm/DOP - Short, In The Flesh. Long Steadicam shot, 2010.
Steadicam - Heads We Dance, Take My Picture. 2010.
Cameraman, Live Event The Trials of Harvey Matusow, 2010.
Producer/Director - Training Video - IAGLMA Martial Arts. 2010.
Steadicam - Short, ZombieZ - Preview. 2009.
Steadicam - Short, High Heels From Hell - The Heist, 2009.

 Video Production 

 Web Video
 Corporate Video
 Promotional Video
 Training Video
 Broadcast Production
 Live Event Production

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Steadicam Demo


Sweet Sweet Lies - September 2011

Dark Roar Trailer - August 2011

Straight Out Trailer - February 2011

Recent Latest TV interviews, 2012

Fatboy Slim Mel C, Spice Girls Vanessa Redgrave

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